Achieve your goals minus the hustle and burnout in this 16-week personalized faculty coaching program


You're not alone.

There is always more work than time in academia, leading to lots of stressed-out faculty.

And the pressure is even higher if you're

  • Caring for children and/or elderly family members
  • Buried under the weight of heavy service commitments
  • A woman of color or other marginalized faculty
  • Doing work that challenges systems of oppression

No wonder so many of us are working longer and longer hours to the detriment of our relationships and well-being.

But it doesn't have to be like this. Let's partner to design a better faculty life -

one with more freedom, flexibility, and the type of work-life harmony you'd started to believe was unattainable in academe.

What you can expect...

Fierce focus on the important areas of your life, including those beyond work like your well-being and relationships.

Time freedom so you can finally have enough space for deep work, connection, and self-care in your daily life.

Mindset for success that disrupts those sticky internalized beliefs slowing you down or keeping you stuck.

Massive momentum toward achieving your goals in sustainable, healthy ways that align with your values.

 "[WellAcademic] helped me change unhelpful habits, articulate and deepen into the values that support all of the work I do, gain self-confidence and self-compassion, and find a healthier and more joyful approach to work in general.

Andrea Harris, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison

How Makeover works...

Week 0

Complete our in-depth questionnaire to figure out where you are compared to where you want to be in the important areas of your life. 

Week 1

In your kickoff session, you and your coach use the questionnaire data to determine the most impactful goals to focus on in your work together. 

Weeks 2 to 16

This is where the magic happens. You work with your coach to implement culturally responsive practices and systems that propel you toward the work-life you crave.

Our coaching team

Tahirah Abdullah, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

S. Tiffany Donaldson, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Nichole Guillory, PhD

Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Rina Williams, PhD

Professor of Political Science

Exactly what you get in this 16-week program...

  • 50-minute coaching sessions every 2 weeks that offer you the blueprint and support to build a successful, fulfilling life based on your unique context
  • Post-session recaps with clear guidance on the small steps you can take between sessions to bring BIG results
  • In-depth questionnaire at the start so you know how you're doing in the major areas of your life
  • Tools and resources designed for insight and action 
  • Email support for when you have questions or need an extra layer of accountability

Investment: $3500

Due to the popularity of this program, there is typically a 4-week waitlist.


You made it! By getting this far, you've shown a readiness to bring greater progress, fulfillment, and ease to your work-life.

Take the next step and schedule a 15-minute, no-obligation Zoom call with Dr. Roxanne Donovan - our CEO and founder - to see whether you're a good fit for Makeover and get all your questions answered.

Just choose a date and time that works then answer a few questions to secure your appointment.

Note: The schedule sometimes takes a few seconds to load.

Calls not your thing or have a quick question? Email me at

"I highly recommend the services offered through WellAcademic to scholars, especially women and QTPOC individuals...My coach really listened and helped me to realign my personal values with my approach to work in the academy, and I could not be more grateful for WellAcademic!"

Marcus Hayes, MFA
Professor, Austin Peay State University


Here are three differences our clients rave about:

(1) Makeover gives you exactly what you need to design a kick-butt work-life. This high level of personalization is miles apart from one-size-fits-all group programs.

(2) All our Makeover coaches are tenured women of color faculty - 3 are full professors - so we're clear about the challenges you're facing.

(3) We're obsessed with offering culturally responsive practices backed by psychological and behavioral research.

We have coached faculty from fields as diverse as psychology, history, dance, biology, and nursing, from research to comprehensive universities.

No. But we're not for everyone. By design. We work best with faculty who seek sustainable, healthy progress (over productivity-at-all-cost approaches); and whole-person support that engages your work, well-being, and cultural identities (e.g., gender, race, sexuality, and nationality).

Yes. We want you to have the best coaching experience possible. So, making sure WellAcademic is a good fit for what you seek is vital to us. And in case you're wondering, these conversations are super casual with NO awkward high-pressure salesy talk. Pinky swear.