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Practical, wellness-centered campus workshops and groups that rejuvenate, connect, and inspire faculty.


Faculty need more than writing support to thrive in academia. They also need concrete tools that foster well-being, belonging, and sustainable achievement.


With us, your audience gets...


There is nothing better than leaving a training knowing more about yourself.

For change to stick, busy faculty need effective tools that are easy to implement.

All faculty deserve to feel understood, seen, and valued.


Compassion, not blame, supports well-being and resilience.

"Everyone who participated gushed over the experience - the safety facilitated, the helpful advice, and the easily implemented strategies offered."

Buffie Longmire-Avital, PhD
 Professor of Psychology and Director of the Black Lumen Project, Elon University

 "Tone, message, research-informed, understanding of where faculty are right now [was] on point - with specifics about how to make that better.

Alisa Rosenthal, PhD
 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Randolph-Macon College

Virtual Workshops

 Available in one-hour keynote and two-hour workshop formats


Balancing teaching, scholarship, service, and personal obligations in these challenging times have added more stress, fear, uncertainty, and labor to already taxed faculty.

This workshop offers evidence-based ways to manage stress while finding more fulfillment in work and life. 

Specifically, participants: 
  • Learn the hidden causes and consequences of stress
  • Examine simple yet effective coping and decision-making practices shown to reduce stress and increase happiness
  • Develop a personalized plan they can immediately implement for greater calm, resilience, and well-being


*Designed for faculty of color

Isolation, service overload, and micro-aggressions are just some of the impediments to advancement and optimal health faculty of color face in academia.

To address these challenges, participants in this workshop:
  • Examine intersectional factors shown to impact the well-being of faculty of color
  • Discover values-based approaches to managing the tension between showing up and stepping back
  • Practice culturally sensitive techniques that enhance healing, achievement, and work-life harmony


Mentor programs are vital to the success of students, trainees, and faculty of color. Mentoring across racial difference, however, can be challenging for both mentors and mentees. 

This workshop provides an anti-racist mentorship model participants can use to begin the process of creating equitable mentorship relationships with mentees of color.

Using the model, participants explore how to:

  • Recognize and reduce implicit bias and internalized racism
  • Address the common mistakes well-meaning mentors make when mentoring across racial privilege
  • Enact anti-racist values in the matching and setting of goals and the receiving and giving of feedback
  • Heal mentor-mentee ruptures
"Our faculty really appreciated the energy and empathy in the WellAcademic workshop on reducing stress...I highly recommend WellAcademic workshops to Deans leading faculty development sessions on well-being on their campuses."

Alisa Gaunder, PhD
 Vice President of Academic Affairs, Southwestern University

Group Coaching

14-week program for up to eight faculty per group


*Designed for faculty of color

Central to the retention and progression of faculty of color is whole-person support that attends to positionality and fosters community.

Through warm, culturally informed coaching, group participants: 
  • Explore pathways to healthy advancement, goal achievement, and personal fulfillment
  • Engage in practices shown to reduce stress, boost focus, and promote healing in diverse populations
  • Acquire effective tools for addressing exclusion, discrimination, and tokenism
  • Build nurturing connections that encourage growth, achievement, and a strong sense of belonging
Sessions are 75 minutes every other week, with meeting times agreed upon by all parties.
"I don't know how I would have survived the year mentally intact without [my coach's] brilliant nurturing of open, honest, and collegial discussion and guided personal growth."

Teddy Johnson, MBA
Director of Technology Development and Clinical Associate Professor, University of Washington Bothell




  • One hour
  • Virtual
  • Up to 100 participants

No obligation!



  • Two hours
  • Virtual
  • Up to 50 participants

No obligation!



  • 75-min biweekly sessions
  • Virtual
  • Up to eight faculty

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Turn overwhelm into calm with proven systems and tools that enhance well-being and performance.

 "Tone, message, research-informed, understanding of where faculty are right now [was] on point - with specifics about how to make that better."  

Alisa Rosenthal, PhD
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Randolph-Macon College

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In fact, supporting the success and connection of new cluster hires is one of the primary reasons institutional leaders choose the Flourish group coaching program.

Faculty are busy, particularly the ones we serve. So our programs have exactly what they need—and nothing they don't—for fast, sustainable results. Through trial and error, we've found a biweekly session rhythm is the sweet spot for ensuring maximum benefit and participation.

Our participants consistently rave about three standout features:

1. Cohesive Groups:
Our groups are composed of faculty from the same institution, rather than a mix from various places. Participants' shared experience and regular interactions enable more tailored support and the building of meaningful relationships among colleagues.

2. Exceptional Coaches:
At WellAcademic, our coaches are all tenured women of color faculty, moms, and justice scholars. They bring firsthand experience and understanding of the often unseen barriers to faculty success and well-being.

3. Practical Tools for Real Change: 
Change is hard. We make it easier (and more sustainable) with practical tools rooted in psychological science. These tools have helped hundreds of diverse faculty members thrive in their academic careers.

We have worked with faculty from fields as diverse as psychology, history, dance, biology, engineering, and nursing, from large research universities to small liberal arts colleges.  

Yes, depending on scheduling. There is an additional $1500 fee which includes airfare.

Yes. We can adjust the trainings above to meet the needs of your particular audience.

Maybe. We work best with individuals and institutions committed to making academia a healthier, more equitable space.

Bypass bland trainings on well-worn topics...

for inspiring, wellness-centered content your faculty will love.

You deserve a healthier, more joyful faculty life NOW,

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...not after that publication
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