focus fridays

Get your writing done with joy and ease in our delightful faculty community.


For busy faculty ready to advance their writing FAST, without burning out in the process.

Spring Schedule: Feb 2 to Apr 5

Sessions are Fridays 12:00 to 2:30 pm ET

Hurry! Registration ends Tuesday, Jan 16 at 11 pm ET.



  • Quickly checking off writing tasks that have languished on your to-do list for years.
  • Using your nights and weekends to recharge, not catch up on writing.
  • Experiencing unimaginable joy and connection (instead of frustration and isolation) while writing.

Another book, course, or training isn't the answer. Writing in community is.



A 10-week writing community with everything you need to

plan better

write more

stress less

While discovering how to...

  • Develop a sustainable writing routine in your busy life.
  • Kickstart your writing when procrastination is high.
  • Keep distractions from sabotaging your writing flow.

"I completed a whole book. I've started a new book. I've made lifelong friends...You will not find a better, stronger, more fulfilling community than this one."

Sonja Lanehart, PhD
Professor, University of Arizona

What you can expect...


Pave your way to writing brilliance knowing EXACTLY where to put your precious energy and attention for maximum progress.


Surprise yourself with how much you're able to write in weekly co-work sessions that boost your confidence, motivation, and joy.


Overcome avoidance, release perfectionism, and quiet your pesky inner critic with real-time accountability and coaching during each session.

What you can expect...


Pave your way to writing brilliance knowing EXACTLY where to put your energy for maximum progress.


Release perfectionism, reduce avoidance, and quiet your pesky inner critic so you can get started and keep going.


Surprise yourself with how much you're able to write in fun sessions designed to boost your motivation and confidence.

And all you need to see BIG results is show up to our Friday co-write sessions with your work.

That's it!

🚫 No online courses to watch 
🚫 No extra meetings to attend
🚫 No FB group to keep up with

Okay, okay, you do need to complete some pre- and post-session exercises. But they only take 10 minutes. Pinky swear.

 "Focus Fridays have transformed the way I approach the end of the week - rather than dread about "running out of time," I feel cared for, supported, and productive.

Rebecca Davis, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Delaware

Exactly what you get in this 10-week program...

  • Sustaining OurSelves (SOS) Retreat where you'll create a semester success roadmap with ample space for writing, recovery, and relationships.
  • Fail-proof Friday co-work sessions that will have you writing faster (and with greater ease) than you ever thought possible.
  • WriteWELL practices that boost focus and motivation so you can unleash your full writing potential.
  • Real-time group coaching to help you find and maintain your writing rhythm.
  • Built-in community of writing besties who are warm, supportive, and tons of fun.

Plus these EXTRAS...

  • Write On Wednesdays ($400 value)
8 optional co-work sessions on Wednesdays that offer extra writing support in between Focus Fridays.
  • Focus + FLOW Toolkit ($100 value)
Chock full of tips, checklists, and planning worksheets that help you squeeze the absolute most progress out of each writing session. [Delivered via instant download.]

Spring Program: Feb 2 - Apr 5

SOS Retreat - Feb 2, 12:00 to 2:30 PM ET

Focus Friday sessions - 12:00 to 2:30 PM ET, starting Feb 9

Bonus Wednesday sessions - 12:00 to 2:00 PM ET, starting Feb 14

 "Focus Fridays not only provided tips and skills needed to overcome my internal barriers to doing work, the fun and supportive atmosphere also led me to enjoy working!

Jen Honculada Martinez, PhD
Assistant Professor, Suffolk University

Meet Roxanne, your coach!

Licensed Psychologist. Faculty Coach. Full Professor. 

I know faculty who pound out article after article, grant after grant without breaking a sweat.

Focus Fridays isn't for them. It's for the rest of us.  

People like you and me who struggle mightily to write because of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, avoidance, or outsized caregiving, service, and teaching obligations.

You are my people - exactly who I designed Focus Fridays for using my 20+ years of psychological training.

So, come on in and give your writing and well-being a huge boost.

A word from Roxanne

Because you deserve a space where writing isn't a slog...a space where you can show up just as you are and experience real progress and belonging.

And the community works!

 Since launching in 2020, Focus Fridays has helped hundreds of faculty crush their writing goals while finding joy and connection along the way.  

Don't go it alone. We're here for you!



The program only happens twice annually so join the no-obligation waitlist to get early access.


Move from dreading writing to getting it done faster than ever in fun weekly sessions.


Achieve more in 10 weeks than in 10 months on your own alongside your new writing besties.


  • 12:00 - 12:20: Welcome + WriteWELL Practice
  • 12:20 - 02:20: Writing Sprints + Bestie Check-Ins
  • 02:20 - 02:30: Q&A/Wrap-Up

 "Focus Fridays was a game-changer. I learned how to apply tools that make preparation and organization something achievable and real. I cannot recommend enough Focus Fridays and Roxanne's incredible guidance and spirit.

Lee Douglas, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, NOVA University Lisbon

What previous participants report...

Improved goal setting

Improved goal achievement

Experienced a sense of community

Better address imposter syndrome and perfectionism

Overall Experience

I knew what I needed to do, and Focus Friday helped [me] implement the strategies to get things done.

Tara Mehta, PhD

Associate Professor

I loved the energy of the sessions and it helped me focus each week in a way that felt supportive and fun.

Ching-In Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor

...the most empowering, energizing, and rewarding professional development program that I know.

Miki Hirayama, PhD

Associate Professor

 "Having tried lots of different writing accountability groups and programs, I have never fallen into such a quick, supportive writing rhythm with a community of scholars whose company I look forward to each Friday.

Stephanie Sadre-Orafai, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Need some peace of mind?

I know Focus Fridays will work for you. But if you're not 100% satisfied with the program, email me before the start of the fourth Focus Friday session for a full refund. No questions asked.

That gives you over three weeks to check out the program, experience the retreat + sessions, and connect with the community.

Don't leave without some goodies.

Join our FREE faculty community and get:

  • Immediately: 3 powerful tools to supercharge your writing FAST - delivered right to your inbox
  • Twice-monthly: The best faculty newsletter in the multiverse with practical tips for a joyful, productive work-life
  • Semi-annually: Live workshops where you're served scrumptious content with a side of laughs and connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Just click here to go to our invoice registration page. Once you submit the form, an invoice will be sent within 15 minutes.

Please note that your registration is not complete until payment is delivered. 

I see you. And I understand the need for spaces where you can show up just as you are.

Focus Fridays is that space. As in the general WellAcademic community, the majority of Focus Friday participants are women of color.

Also, I'm a woman of color (Black, Asian, & White) whose work centers positionality, power, and privilege, which is evident in my coaching and scholarship.

Focus Fridays are most applicable to faculty and post-docs. That said, others who think they would benefit from the program are welcome.

Most complete scholarly writing projects (e.g., book proposals, grants, chapters, articles).

Others use the time to complete important professional tasks, such as preparing a P&T portfolio.

Absolutely! I know it's counterintuitive, but intense focus for short bursts with breaks in between - how Focus Fridays are set up - results in greater progress than long periods of distracted work.

Focus Fridays also has other factors shown to improve motivation and performance such as accountability, coaching, a fun atmosphere, and social support.

As a bonus, completing tasks you've had difficulty facing will raise your confidence and reduce any shame or guilt you've been carrying. 

I hear you. I'm a closet introvert, so I would never set something up that's awkward for folx like you and me.

That's why the check-ins are short, about 5 minutes, with just 3-4 participants. I also provide EXACTLY what you need to share.

This means there's no time to get nervous and no one is searching for conversation fillers. Phew!

No. What makes Focus Fridays special is that it's live. You can't replicate the real-time accountability and support in a recording. 

Yes. Faculty from all ranks participate in Focus Fridays. In fact, 46% of our last cohort were Associate Professors.

Nope. I get that you're really busy. That's why most of the work happens in our sessions. You'll need just 10 minutes for the prep and reflection exercises. That's it.

Both Focus Fridays and SUBMIT use the same science-backed session structure. That said, SUBMIT is a 2-week writing sprint in the Summer, while Focus Fridays is a 10-week program in the fall and spring semesters - because who has time for a 2-week sprint then.

With Focus Fridays, the goal is to create a sustainable, healthy writing routine using strategies that work even if (when?) your semester goes off the rails.

Access is important to me, which is why I offer a limited number of grants to WellAcademic community members who would benefit from the program but need help covering the cost.

These grants are on a first-come, first-served basis. Because I'm only able to offer a few and don't ask for proof of need, please don't seek a grant if you have the means to pay for the program without this assistance.

For more information, please email me at

Still have Q's? Not sure you're a good fit?

I'm here for you. Just send me a message and let me know how I can help. I typically respond in one business day.