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Get the tools, training, and coaching to write more, work smarter, and be well in the academy.

Your well-being can seem like the price for faculty success, especially if you're experiencing:

  • Fatigue and isolation from being simultaneously invisibilized and hypervisible in the academy
  • Depletion from trying to manage untenable workloads
  • Guilt from never feeling like you're giving enough to your work or your family


to wonder why the strategies that work for everyone else aren't working for you.

Your well-being can seem like the price you must pay for faculty success, especially when you're:

  • Working nights, weekends, and breaks but still can't keep up
  • Work has oozed into every corner of your life leaving little time for rest, relationships, and recuperation
  • Perfectionism and imposter syndrome make advancing your writing an exhausting slog


to wonder why the strategies that work for everyone else aren't working for you.


so typical one-size-fits-all strategies aren't enough.

You need a success path designed for faculty just like you.

We've got you covered. Since 2015, we've helped hundreds of women of color and other historically excluded faculty achieve:


Create more breathing room in your busy life to replenish from the stress of daily life.


Prioritize what's most important while letting go of the guilt from saying 'no' to what's not.


Experience belonging where you're seen, valued, and welcomed just as you are.

Let's reclaim your time and transform how you work

while helping you find some joy along the way.

choose the service that fits your needs

Each offering centers psychological science, sustainable progress, and healthy navigation of the structures and systems we’re all caught in.


Escape the confines of your overscheduled life with Makeover or confidently go up for P&T with Well-Prepared.


From managing stress to mentoring across racial difference, these sessions address the pressing needs of faculty.


Holistic professional advancement programs that foster the success and replenishment of women of color faculty.

Focus Fridays

Write more while having fun.

You read that right - "fun" and "write" are in the same sentence. Intentionally.

Our inclusive faculty writing community is all about crushing your goals in a space of belonging, celebration, learning...and even some unabashed chair dancing.

There's no reason writing needs to be an isolating, miserable experience.  

There's a better way.  

We're not for everyone. By design.

Here are 4 things that set us apart. You're our people if they resonate with you.

We're an all woman of color team intimately aware of what it takes for you to thrive in academe

We engage the whole you - your work, your well-being, and your positionality - because all of you matters

Because our founder is a psychologist, psychological, evidence based strategies and frameworks undergird all of our services

WellAcademic LITERALLY changed my life

"Through WellAcademic's retreat and coaching, I've learned to set and hold boundaries, better manage my workload, and create a path to mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness. I am so grateful for these experiences as they have kept me from falling off the metaphorical work cliff."

Tia Sheree Gaynor, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Hi! I'm Roxanne Donovan, PhD.

Psychologist. Full Professor. Certified Yoga Teacher. 

I've been practicing and writing in the areas of wellness and social justice for 20+ years.

And I know from experience that joy, connection, and sustainable progress are possible in the academy, even in the face of systemic and institutional forces. 

Sharing this knowledge is why I started WellAcademic and why I'm glad you stopped by. 

So, take a look around at all the goodness we offer.  

Oh, and if we haven't met, click here to learn more about me and WellAcademic.

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