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"As a first-gen faculty of color, I really appreciated being in a space where I’m not the “only one.” [Roxanne] sees faculty in the fullness of our being & experiences versus only one fragment. Not many spaces like this, a true gem."

Susana N. Ramírez, PhD
Professor, Evergreen Valley College

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Since 2015, hundreds of faculty have found more success, connection, and replenishment in their work-life through our services.


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These coach-facilitated writing sessions are about crushing your goals in a space of community, celebration, learning...and even some unabashed chair dancing.

There's no reason work needs to be an isolating, miserable experience.  

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I highly recommend WellAcademic because it has actually made me better. I have learned to show myself and others grace in writing. I have learned to write in a better way and to understand when I don't. I have found community.

Sonja Lanehart, PhD, Professor   

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