Build a convincing tenure and promotion case in this personalized 8-week coaching and developmental editing program


Build a convincing tenure and promotion case in this personalized 8-week coaching and developmental editing program

Overwhelmed at the thought of preparing your P&T portfolio?

Let's work together to make the process less taxing and maybe even a bit gratifying with

  • Caring accountability that keeps you focused and on schedule
  • Detailed feedback toward the development of clear, compelling, evidence-based narratives
  • Checklists, worksheets, and templates that make preparing your documents a whole lot easier

 "Choosing WellAcademic for your professional or career development is one of the best investments into yourself that you could ever make. The team is thoughtful in their approach. More importantly, I felt validated and seen.

Orlando Harris, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco

Meet Nichole, your coach and editor

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction. Former high school English and African American history teacher.

Since earning tenure in 2012 and becoming a full professor in 2017, I have helped numerous faculty, particularly faculty of color, put their best case forward for P&T - not with the outcome of review committees as the focus, but on the process itself.

The signature 4-C framework I developed and use in Well-Prepared will support you in recognizing and effectively communicating your inherent worth in the academy.

Beyond completion of a persuasive dossier, my goal is to humanize what can be a very dehumanizing high-stakes moment so you can own your story with confidence.

If this sounds like what you need, schedule a chat with Roxanne, the founder of WellAcademic, to learn more.

How Well-Prepared works...

Week 0

Provide information about your P&T process, like your P&T guidelines and type and length of narratives, so Nichole knows exactly how to support you.

Weeks 1 to 2

You and Nichole create a cohesive picture of your accomplishments in research, teaching, and service that align with your values and the priorities of your institution and discipline.

Weeks 3 to 8

With Nichole's guidance, feedback, and resources, you develop narratives (as well as other evidence) that showcase the quality and significance of your work.

 "Nichole was consistently patient and encouraging with me, but she always knew when and how to ask the tough questions...My leadership goals are clearer to me now, and I am much better prepared to meet them.

Deborah Coen, PhD
Professor, Yale University

Exactly what you get in this 8-week program...

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions that support you in identifying and communicating why your work matters
  • Detailed post-session recaps so you know exactly what to work on during the week
  • Developmental editing that includes up to 3 rounds of comprehensive feedback on 3 narratives (e.g., research, teaching, and service)
  • Data analysis support to help you discover themes in your teaching evaluations
  • Email templates to use when reaching out for letters of support
  • Checklists, prompts, and other tools designed to guide you in completing your portfolio

Investment: $3800

Due to the popularity of this program, there is typically a 2 to 4-week waitlist.

 "At a crucial juncture in my academic career, [Nichole] kept me on track to listen to my own voice and value what I had to say.

Peggy Choy, MFA, MS, MA
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Get all you need to confidently go up for P&T in 3 easy steps:



Click Let's Chat below, choose a time that works, and answer a few questions to secure your appointment. 



Have a super casual, no pressure conversation about what you need, when you need it, and whether we're a great fit.



With coaching and editing personalized just for you, you'll complete your P&T portfolio with greater ease, calm, and confidence than you ever thought possible.


No. Although I specialize in supporting faculty of color through tenure and/or promotion, I have and do work with all faculty.

Yes. In fact, the lack of support available for faculty moving from associate to full is one of the reasons I created Well-Prepared.

I have supported faculty from fields as diverse as dance, public relations, and nursing, from research to comprehensive universities.

Please complete the form above and Roxanne will connect with you to see what's possible.

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