Since 2015, hundreds of faculty have found more success, connection, and replenishment in their work-life through our services.


We strive to build purposeful, science-based professional development offerings that attend to the deep interconnectedness among professional success, personal well-being, and positionality.

Our Services Offer

Stress-busting, life-enhancing support for academics at all stages.

Whole-person frameworks that center individual, interpersonal, and structural contexts. 

A dedicated team committed to helping you succeed at work and in life. 

We focus on professional wellness - the intersection of well-being and work - because achieving and maintaining peak performance isn't possible without sustained health and connection.


And we're clear how hard it is to prioritize wellness when you're:


Buried under an overwhelming workload.

Juggling competing demands of work, family, and self.

Doing work that challenges systems of oppression.

A woman of color at a PWI.

“The Only” in some other historically marginalized way(s).

To us, professional wellness isn't a destination you arrive at after some individual striving. It's more an ongoing journey where factors like intentional focus, valued action, authentic connection, and renewal make forward movement possible, even in the face of strong institutional and systemic headwinds.

Hi! I’m Roxanne Donovan.

WellAcademic owner. Full professor of psychology and interdisciplinary studies. Yoga teacher (200-hour YTT). Mama to two kids born while I was untenured (yes, it was an intense time).

I'm passionate about using my psychological training and experience to empower faculty toward purpose-driven lives of meaning, fulfillment, and vitality.

As a Black feminist (cis)woman of multiracial descent (Black/Asian/White), I'm also deeply committed to developing programs and scholarship that help women of color find pathways to joy and achievement. This commitment is what inspired me to start WellAcademic.

I invite you to reach out if what we offer sounds like a good fit for you or those you serve.

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Our Coaching Team

Nichole Guillory, PhD

Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

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Tahirah Abdullah, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

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S. Tiffany Donaldson, PhD

Professor of Psychology

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Leslie Wang, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology

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