Because all of you matters to your success in (and outside of) the academy.

In case we haven't met,

I'm Roxanne Donovan, founder of WellAcademic.

 As a licensed psychologist, professor, multiracial woman of color (Black, Asian, White), and mama to two kids I had pre-tenure,

I'm all too familiar with THE GRIND.

That place where your days are spent sweaty-sprinting from one obligation to the next...where exhaustion is your norm...where you question if academia is worth the stress and sacrifice.


That's why I've spent the last two decades using psychological practices to carve out a healthier, more joyful path through academic life – and sharing it with others.

If you're ready to slow down while doing more of what matters,

kick off your shoes, get comfy, and let's get to know each other FAQ style.

What is WellAcademic? A spa for faculty?

Ummmm, no...not even close.

Maybe having "well" in the name confused you.

"Well" and "academic" don't usually go together.

But they should, especially if you're helping faculty achieve professional success.

Because you can't show up fully to your writing, teaching, and mentoring - or to yourself and loved ones - if you’re exhausted and stretched razor thin from laboring in a system that doesn’t always recognize your full humanity.

Not a spa. Got it. But what's this place really?

This is the place for holistic faculty development. If you want to find sustainable ways to write more, work smarter, and be well in the academy, we're here with all the training and resources you need.

Do your programs work?

Absolutely! But don't take my word for it. Here's just a snippet of what faculty say about working with us.

[Roxanne's] insights and encouragement have made me a better scholar and helped me to get my priorities together.

Adrianna Santos, PhD

Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University - San Antonio

WellAcademic gave me the sense of community I desperately needed and made me feel like I was not alone. 

Riva Brown, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Central Arkansas

I have regained a connection with my own research that is fruitful and joyful...I feel productive and proud of my progress.
Flavia Bastos, PhD

Professor,  University of Cincinnati

Who is on your coaching team?

Allow me to introduce you to four of the most ah-mazing coaches around...

Tahirah Abdullah, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

S. Tiffany Donaldson, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Nichole Guillory, PhD

Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Rina Williams, PhD

Professor of Political Science

Is wellacademic a good fit for me?


Our sweet spot is working with individuals and institutions committed to making academia a healthier, more equitable space.



Our science-based offerings attend to the deep connection between your work and well-being.

Academia can be isolating, so we foster inclusive communities that welcome you just as you are.

Our frameworks engage individual, relational, and structural contexts because we care about your whole person.


We are committed to helping WOC and other minoritized faculty find joy, connection, and achievement.

Nice! Let's end with some fun bits...

Is it true you fell out of a Porta Potty at a concert in NYC?

Who snitched? Okay, sadly, yes - to my great embarrassment and the rousing applause from the folks in line. I love New York.

Were you really a negotiator in a previous life?

Yep! For AT&T. Corporate life was like skinny jeans - I tried and tried to make it fit before realizing it just wasn't made for me.

What are three things people may not know about you?

(1) I was born in Guyana and moved to NYC when I was 8; (2) both my parents are multiracial; (3) I lose my phone about 10x a day.

Official Bio

Dr. Roxanne Donovan is a former corporate negotiator turned psychologist, professor, and author.

She is a nationally recognized expert on topics of well-being and social justice whose work has been featured in media outlets such as The Washington Post, The Conversation, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Dr. Donovan brings an intersectional lens rooted in liberation to her scholarship, publishing and presenting extensively on the role of gendered racism in the mental health outcomes of Black women.

Her two coauthored books, Teaching Diversity Relationally and Unraveling Assumptions, apply psychological and social justice frameworks to the teaching and learning of diversity.

Through her popular Wellness Wednesday emails, she offers faculty psychological strategies for more focus, fulfillment, and free-time in academia.

Integrated with her professional roles are her rich and multilayered identities as spouse, mama, sister, and auntie. 

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