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Websites & Apps [resource for Black women seeking a Black therapist in their area] ["Inclusive Therapists is a co-construction by mental health professionals grounded in the understanding that people with all identities and abilities in all bodies deserve equal access to quality mental health care"] [an online management company that "connects the LBGTQ+ and queer-identified community with licensed therapists in their states"] [find therapists by region, gender, race, insurance accepted, etc.] [health information from the Harvard Medical School] [meditation app with the largest "library of dharma talks and guided meditations from teachers of color"] [resources for grad students and faculty] [NYTimes wellness blog] [A global community "grounded in an inclusive, anti-racist vision and works to engage contemplative practices to genuinely advance the well-being of society"]

Articles & Reports

Positive Psychology (2020). How do coaching, mentoring, and counseling differ?

Small Business Tools & Resources

Paperform - Beautiful survey and form builder [10% off ]

Kajabi - Website builder, host, and so much more [14-day free trial] 

Flodesk - Design beautiful emails with ease [50% off] 

Wave - FREE accounting and invoicing software

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