faculty coaching

Find a better way to be in the academy - a way that fosters more progress, more fulfillment, more work-life harmony.



Personalized Coaching

Learn the skills to achieve your professional goals while working less and caring for yourself.

Makeover is a perfect fit if...

  • You're exhausted from trying to meet the competing demands of work and life
  • You can't advance your big goals because small tasks are sucking up all your precious time
  • You're desperate to find a slower, more sustainable pace after the grind of these last three years


Developmental Editing and Personalized Coaching

All you need to build a strong case for an upcoming high stakes P&T review.

Well-Prepared is a perfect fit if...

  • You're struggling to weave the various strands of your work into a cohesive narrative
  • You're unsure how to articulate why your teaching, scholarship, and service matter in the academy
  • You want to make going up for P&T less taxing


Group Coaching and Writing Community

Move from wishing you could write more to getting it done faster (and healthier) than you ever thought possible.

Focus Fridays is the perfect fit if...
  • You write in fits and starts but crave a more consistent practice
  • You're adrift in a see of unfinished projects with no shore in sight
  • You're looking for an inclusive writing community where you can find belonging

Frequently Asked Questions

Your choice will depend on your goal. Well-Prepared is the right fit if you need assistance preparing the documents for a review (e.g., teaching statement, research statement, narrative, etc.) as well as receiving accountability to keep you on track.

Makeover is right if you’re ready for a more in-depth change in how you work, moving toward something that is healthier and more sustainable.

And Focus Fridays is right if you need support getting your writing done.

Note: Focus Fridays can be added to either Well-Prepared or Makeover.

Since our programs are centered around professional development, most of our clients are able to use start-up or other institutional funds to pay for them. Some institutions have even set up a referral process for interested faculty members as a way to support their continued growth.

No. Even though some of our coaches are psychologists, they are not functioning in a therapist capacity when they are coaching. Specifically, coaches do not diagnose or treat mental health challenges. They will, however, partner with you in your journey toward achieving your work-life goals.