The Little Things that Help Me Cope

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silver earrings on a notebook

I've worn the same earrings every day for the last eight months. They're not expensive. Or fancy. Just cheap, simple earrings I picked up in early March before COVID infections started to spike. Their calming mandala-like design appealed to me.  

I came across these mandala earrings, still unopened, one Monday morning shortly after everything moved remote. On a whim, I put them on. 

And I put them on the next day, and the next, and the next. 

I reach for them even though I only wore earrings when going out to work pre-COVID. 

Even though I have other earrings to choose from. 

Even though they sometimes get caught in my daughter's curly hair when we hug.

I reach for them because rituals, even one as small as putting on the same pair of earrings each day before heading to my home office, bring a sense of regularity, comfort, and normalcy - all things I/we desperately need to manifest in these abnormal times.  

Although you don't need an earring ritual like mine, I invite you to consider what new routine could make you feel a bit more rooted right now.   

In peace and solidarity,


Roxanne A. Donovan, PhD, is the founder of WellAcademic, a clinical psychologist, and a Professor. Integrated with her professional identities are her rich, multilayered roles as spouse, mom, auntie, sister, daughter, friend. She writes and teaches about health, wellness, and social justice. 


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