Discover how to accomplish your goals without working longer, sacrificing your health, or forsaking your family.



Discover how to accomplish your goals without working longer, sacrificing your wellness, or forsaking your family.

Fall 2021 Program

Fridays 12:00 to 2:30 pm ET, Sept 24 to Oct 29 


Behind, Overwhelmed, Depleted?


You're not alone. It's not your fault


Untenable workloads alongside caregiving responsibilities make faculty life a real struggle. 
No wonder many of us are working longer hours without much to show for it.
As a psychologist, I know what the research says about healthy strategies that increase performance. I'm sure you know some of these strategies too.


The distance between knowing what to do and doing what you know can be long, however.


That's where Focus Friday comes in.
More than just telling you what to do, this program shows you step-by-step in co-working sessions scheduled on Fridays from 12:00 to 2:30 PM ET.
It's like having your very own success coach in your corner cheering you on while you work, helping you make those small adjustments in real-time that bring BIG results.

Focus Fridays have all need to...

  • Maximize your productivity even when time is scarce and stress is high.

  • Evict Imposter Syndrome and her BFF Perfectionism from your headspace.

  • Harness your motivation so you can get started and keep going.

  • Face projects you've been avoiding because of hard emotions like resistance and shame.

  • Experience joy and connection (instead of frustration and isolation) while working.

  • Find that flow everyone is talking about. 

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Focus Fridays not only provided tips and skills needed to overcome my internal barriers to doing work, the fun and supportive atmosphere also led me to enjoy working! Once I started to apply Focus Fridays skills to my daily work routine, I was able to be -- and more importantly, feel -- more productive. 


Jen Honculada Martinez, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University

What's included...


scheduled Fridays 12:00 - 2:30 PM ET starting Sept 24th that are designed to make it easy and fun for you to get work done. 


where you learn proven strategies for increasing performance, maintaining focus, and rebounding from setbacks.


of scholars who are all trying to find sensible ways to kickstart or maintain their productivity in these challenging times.


that keeps you from getting stuck and losing steam so you can make real progress on your most important projects.

Plus these bonuses...


This 30+ page workbook is chock full of tips, worksheets, and checklists to help you work smarter this summer and beyond. Some of the goodies you'll find inside include:

✔ A four-step framework that will have you setting achievable goals in no time.

✔ A quick preparation checklist that can 10x your performance during your work sessions. 

✔ An amazingly simple strategy that gets you back on track when you lose focus.  


If during the program you find yourself struggling with a limiting mindset, unable to find a good work rhythm, or caught in the grip of avoidance, you don't have to wait until Friday for help.

Just reach out to me (Roxanne) via email and we'll tackle your challenges and celebrate your wins together.


I help you connect with other Focus Friday participants interested in additional opportunities for community and accountability throughout the summer.

I even provide a session template so your group doesn't have to worry about how to structure an effective work session.




12:00    Mini-Workshop
12:30    Group Check-In
12:35    Work session
1:05      Group Check-In
1:10      Work Session 
1:40      Stretch Break
1:45      Work Session
2:15      Group Check-In
2:20      Q&A/Wrap-Up

Sample Schedule

12:00 Mini-Workshop

12:30 Group Check-In

12:35 Work session

1:05 Group Check-In

1:10 Work Session 

1:40 Stretch Break

1:45 Work Session

2:15 Group Check-In

2:20 Q&A/Wrap-Up

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Since I started Focus Fridays, I have been both more productive and more relaxed by relying on this time to ground me in a regular writing practice. I know that I'm more than my productivity, but it sure feels amazing to see the results in my projects. 


Adrianna M. Santos, PhD, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Why Focus Friday works...

Live (Fun) Work Sessions + Science-Based Schedule + Compassionate Accountability

Each ingredient of the Focus Friday formula promotes motivation, concentration, and perseverance. 
Together, they form a powerful support system that helps you achieve your goals in healthy, sustainable ways. 

Why Focus Friday works...

Live (Fun) Work Sessions + Science-Backed Schedule + Compassionate Accountability

Each ingredient of the Focus Friday formula promotes motivation, concentration, and perseverance. 
Together, they form a powerful support system that helps you reach your goals in healthy, sustainable ways. 

What previous participants report...

Improved goal setting

Improved goal achievement

Experienced a sense of community

Better addressed perfectionism and imposter syndrome

Overall Experience
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Focus Fridays have quickly become an essential part of my weekly work schedule: whatever else may happen all week, I know I will have time and space to work come Friday. Thanks to Focus Fridays, I have (re)discovered my own research and writing as a safe space, a space of calm, joy, and empowerment.


Rina Williams, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati


I'm Roxanne Donovan, WellAcademic owner, psychologist, academic coach, professor, and, best of all, your coach for Focus Fridays.

I developed Focus Fridays in response to the many faculty who reached out to me over the years to share the stress, shame, and isolation they were feeling around their work.

Each person believed they were the only ones in struggle as they tried mightily (and unsuccessfully) to accomplish their goals while also attending to loved ones, students, and their own difficult emotions around all that's happening in our world. 

It was clear these faculty needed a supportive workspace where they could show up just as they are and find achievement, community, and maybe even joy. 

Focus Fridays is that space. 

Now all you need to do is attend. That's it!

Okay...maybe you need to do the prep exercises too. But that only takes 10 minutes. I promise.   

I look forward to working with you and watching your surprise at what you're capable of accomplishing. 

In peace and solidarity,


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 I've learned to value my writing and what I have to give as well as hold that very necessary time. I've learned to enjoy my writing again and own that I have something to say. I'm making my goals more reasonable and I am committed to doing that work which brings me joy.


Sonja Lanehart, PhD, Professor, University of Arizona

I am an OG who has attended every session of FF, and it is the most empowering, energizing, and rewarding professional development program that I know. It's been especially valuable to have an avenue of communication with other scholars during the pandemic! 


Miki Hirayama, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati

Fall 2021 Focus Fridays

Sessions are Fridays from 12:00 to 2:30 pm Eastern Time, Sept 24th to Oct 29nd.



  • Co-working sessions designed to make it easy (and fun) to get work done.
  • Mini-workshops that show you exactly how to achieve your goals while still having a life.
  • An inclusive, supportive community of scholars who provide compassionate accountability for each other. 
  • Expert coaching every step of the way to keep you from getting stuck or losing steam.
  • Focus NOW workbook with tips and activities that harness your motivation and accelerate your progress.
  • Unlimited email support during the program from Dr. Roxanne Donovan.
  • Access to accountability groups for that extra level of community and accountability in-between sessions.

I know what you're thinking...

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Need some peace of mind?

If you're not satisfied with your Focus Friday results, email [email protected] before the start of the second session for a full refund. No questions asked.


PO Box 441214, Kennesaw, GA 30160 | 770-405-9554 | [email protected]