Available to higher education institutions and organizations who seek to support those they serve.

Engaging, relevant sessions

that address healthy, sustainable pathways to achievement in higher education.



from experienced tenured faculty facilitators

that are growth centered and research based

on the complex issues faculty face in this moment


designed to engage and inspire throughout

 "Randolph Macon faculty retreat keynote from Roxanne Donovan is exactly what this faculty (and faculty everywhere) need to hear right now. Tone, message, research-informed, understanding of where faculty are right now is on point - with specifics about how to make that better.

Alisa Rosenthal, PhD
 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Randolph-Macon College

Our Virtual Offerings

Available in two formats: 90 minutes and 2.5 hours


Political and financial instability, global conflicts, and the pandemic's aftermath have added more stress, fear, uncertainty, and labor to already taxed faculty.

This workshop offers science-backed ways to manage these stressful times. 

Specifically, participants: 
  • Learn the hidden causes and consequences of stress
  • Examine simple yet effective coping and decision-making practices shown to reduce stress
  • Develop a personalized plan they can immediately implement for greater wellness, success, and work-life harmony


*Exclusively for women of color faculty

Isolation, service overload, and experiences of gendered-racism are just some of the impediments to advancement and optimal health women of color (WOC) face in academe.

To address these challenges, the WOC in this workshop:
  • Practice culturally sensitive techniques that enhance well-being, achievement, and work-life harmony
  • Explore healthy ways to deal with experiences of discrimination, exclusion, and tokenism
  • Foster peer-mentoring connections that help sustain growth and belonging


Mentor programs can be central to the successful retention and progression of students, trainees, and faculty of color. Mentoring across racial difference, however, can be challenging for both mentors and mentees. 

This workshop provides an anti-racist mentorship model participants can use to begin the process of creating equitable mentorship relationships with mentees of color.

Using the model, participants explore how to:

  • Recognize and address implicit bias and internalized racism
  • Address the common mistakes well-meaning mentors make when mentoring across racial privilege
  • Enact anti-racist values in the matching and setting of goals and the receiving and giving of feedback
  • Heal mentor-mentee ruptures


Finding the time, motivation, and cognitive clarity to do the hard work of writing can feel impossible in the face of competing priorities.

That's where this workshop comes in. It's designed to help busy faculty, trainees, and graduate students find greater progress and ease in their writing.

Participants learn:

  • The 3 mindset traps that thwart even the best writing intentions and how to deal with them
  • 4 easy strategies for finding time to write when you're overloaded and overscheduled
  • The powerful trick for kickstarting your writing after a period of inactivity

Our On-Campus Offering

 Only available in a full-day (6-hour) format


*Exclusively for women of color faculty

Central to the retention and progression of women of color faculty is whole-person support that attends to their unique positionality.

Using a holistic, culturally responsive model of development, retreat participants: 
  • Explore pathways to healthy advancement, goal achievement, and personal fulfillment (e.g., holistic planning, valued action, and renewal)
  • Engage in practices that reduce stress, increase focus, and promote healing (e.g., self-compassion, mindfulness, and gratitude)
  • Share in authentic sisterhood where each person's whole self is recognized and welcomed

Workshop Rates

All workshops include a 30-minute pre-workshop strategy session and post-workshop resources.
Times listed are inclusive of Q&A period. 

90 Minutes


Virtual Only

2.5 Hours


Virtual Only

Full Day (6 Hours)


On-Campus Only

*On-campus workshop rate does not include airfare, ground transportation, or lodging.

 "Everyone who participated gushed over the [workshop] experience...As BIPOC faculty and staff at a PWI it is easy to feel isolated with concurrent pressure to keep saying yes. Dr. Donovan outlined and modeled what holistic health in the workplace could and should be for all of us.

Buffie Longmire-Avital, PhD
 Professor of Psychology and Director of the Black Lumen Project, Elon University

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we can offer workshops for up to 100 participants, most have around 35 participants.

Please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Please reach out to see if we can accommodate your needs.