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Hi! I’m Leslie Wang, PhD.

I am Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Boston. After spending two decades in the unforgiving world of academia, I decided to become a certified professional life coach. I received my training through Leadership That Works, a program centered on social justice and anti-racism.

My mission is to help women academics draw confidence from their own histories, overcome imposter syndrome, and make decisions grounded in their core values so they can live with joy and purpose.

As a feminist scholar and the daughter of immigrants, I’ve devoted my career to studying social inequality through an international, intersectional lens. My research, much of which is community-engaged, seeks to enhance the emotional health and well-being of Asian American children and families.

Whether as a scholar/educator, a coach, or a parent, I aspire to lead from a place of compassion, courage, creativity, and connectedness with others.

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