A way that fosters more success, more growth, more fulfillment, more work-life harmony.

With WellAcademic coaching, you get:

Expert Guidance

from trained coaches intimately familiar with what it takes to thrive in academe.

Proven Strategies

that increase achievement, motivation, clarity, resilience, and wellness.

Tools & Practices

to address the interpersonal and systemic factors that can impede progress.

Inclusive Support

centered on your unique strengths, challenges, and positionality.


If you’re ready for change, whether it’s reconnecting with scholarship, dealing with a toxic work environment, balancing professional demands, and/or finding space for personal priorities, Makeover is for you.

This coaching program provides the individualized guidance and clarity you need to identify the goals most central to your success and supports you in finding healthy, sustainable pathways to achieving those goals in ways that align with your values. 

Central to the process is the creation of a warm, compassionate coaching environment where your whole self is seen, heard, and valued. This environment creates the conditions necessary for movement toward a more fulfilling (and less stressful) work-life.

Our Makeover coaches, all of whom are women of color faculty members, understand the individual, interpersonal, and structural challenges to succeeding in academe. They are trained in holistic, research-supported methods of behavior change that are strengths-based and culturally responsive. 


✔ Weekly or twice-monthly sessions via phone or Zoom with one of WellAcademic's expert coaches.

✔ Unlimited email support for the duration of coaching.

​Packages (Initial session is 60 minutes; all other sessions are 30 minutes):

  • 4 sessions - $1000* 
  • 8 Sessions - $1600
  • 12 Sessions - $2300
*Four-session package only available to current or former Makeover clients 
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If you need support building a strong case for why your scholarship, teaching, and service matter in the academy, whether for a yearly evaluation or high-stakes P&T review, Well-Prepared is for you. The individual coaching and accountability offered are based on Dr. Nichole Guillory’s proven 4C framework (Care, Conceptualize, Connect, and Convince).

This program helps you develop a teaching philosophy grounded in relevant literature for your discipline, showcase the quality and significance of your professional work, and assemble the right village for supporting you through the process. The coaching process also enables you to clarify who you really want to be in the academy.


✔ Four 60-minute personalized coaching sessions on 4C framework.

✔ Up to five hours of developmental editing (style/grammar/usage; clear, cohesive, and convincing narrative; plus suggestions for improvement).

✔ Email templates for use when reaching out to potential mentors, colleagues for letters of support, external reviewers, accountability partners, etc.

Investment: $2800 


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